ClogNever(™) - A revolutionary product to
prevent clogging of your A/C system

Why choose ClogNever(™) ?

ClogNever(™) is America’s Most Trusted name in Clog prevention It is a green technology electronic device that works without Human intervantion and uses an Eco-friendly solution to prevent clogging, preserve wild life and fragile Nature from the damages caused by common harmful measures such as bleach & other chemicals

No more water damage

It minimizes risk of costly water damage not covered by your insurance. It eliminates risk of water losses.

No Human intervention

Once the electronic device installed It will automaticly release It's liquid into the pipes only when needed.

Easy to install

ClogNever(™) electronic device is easy to install and can be used with any type of air conditions you have.

Eco-friendly solution

The solution used to prevent clogging, is 100% biodegradable.

Economic solution

Because the liquid in sent into the pipes only when needed the solution can last over a year whitout having to change it.

Peace of mind

It's hands-free functionality gets the water to flow in the pipes giving you peace of mind and making costly A/C floods a thing of the past.

"ClogNever(™)" added value

ClogNever(™) product emphasis is to improve fundamental functionality and adds value to the principles of Air Conditioning systems while eliminating clogging. This notion is indeed a common wish for all of us. It is also the ideal virtue inspired by ClogNever(™) mission statement to bring to market the finest products available today. With this eco-friendly design combined with state-of-the-art electronics, ClogNever(™) tailors its products to help insure better performance and long lasting functionality to AC users.

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How ClogNever(™) Device Works

  • Pipes start clogging
  • Release of the liquid
  • Pipes cleaned

Pipes start clogging

After a while the air conditioning pipes will start clogging due to dust, sludge and mold. Getting a professional to unclog and clean you A/C system can be very expensive especially that clogging can occur often. That's where "ClogNever(™)" magic happens.

Automatic release of a liquid drop

"ClogNever(™)" electronic device will automatically release a drop of the eco-friendly solution into the pipes to unclog and clean anything that might cause clogging and house flooding. The fact that the drop is released only when needed makes "ClogNever(™)" the most economic technology on the market as the solution can last up to a year.

"ClogNever(™)" provides peace of mind

Your A/C system is continuously cleaned without your intervetion all you have to do is to install the device and change the refill about once a year.

You won't have to worry about flooding, no more trips to the attic, no more expensive A/C pipes cleaning or expensive house repair. 

" 'ClogNever(™)' is so easy to use! It has proven it efficiency since my husband installed it in our A/C system. Now we are taking advantage of our A/C with peace of mind. You wont have to worry about your A/C clogging anymore."
Sarah Mitchell
" I was looking for a clean and cheap way to resolve clogging after it cost me a lot to call a professional because my A/C stop working due to a clogging problem. Now that I've installed 'ClogNever(™)' My A/C is working and cleaning it's self in the same time."
Sean Bean
" As a manager of an A/C company 'ClogNever(™)' has made our business a lot easier, profitable and more productive. I have been installing this device on my clients A/C units since I discovered it and they are all satisfied with the results. It also saves us a lot of maintenance trips!"
Mathew McDalen

Frequently Asked Questions About ClogNever(™)

Since Air Conditioning requires water humidification to operate to today’s expectations, water attracts fungus and bacteria that causes clogging in the pipes. Clogging in the pipes causes flooding to the premises and therefore damages the interior of the house. This problem has been a menace for many years to homeowners and commercial institutions. Many solutions were introduced to kill water bacteria and to avoid the clogging problem. To this day, that solution has been carried out by many means and measures. A homeowner is being told to put liquid bleach in the pipes that regulates the flow of water by eliminating the clogging problem. Unfortunately statistics show that only 3 out of 10 home owners bother to pour bleach into their Air Conditioning pipes meaning the clogging problem remains unresolved. However, those who do adhere to putting bleach create another problem to our environment due to the fact that de-humidification causes the water to run-off outside the houses mixed with bleach has a negative effect to our environment and kills plant and animal life that drink that water for their own survival. People are becoming more and more aware of eliminating harmful measures to our eco-system and our fragile planet called “Mother Earth”.

This is where “ClogNever(™)” comes into play

The simple concept of “ClogNever(™)” is the patented invention of an electronic device that regulates a slow time controlled dripping mechanism to send the exact amount of an environmentally safe liquid formula that keeps fungus away and assures the flow of water clog free. This device works flawlessly on its own, with the help of a lithium battery for up to five years of usage without human intervention. The result is amazing and gives the homeowner peace of mind and a worry free assurance that they can now count on “ClogNever(™)” to become the dependable means to keep the pipes free of clogging while never harming wild life.

An air conditioner drain can clog for many reasons. The pipes can become clogged with dust particles, dirt, mold, sludge or other particles. Your air conditioner unit does not only cool the house but it also dehumidifies it as de-humidification is part of the process of a running A/C. Water is created during this process and is normally drained out. This water created algae in the drain line and this algae plus moisture help dust and dirt to condensate. This condensation clogs the pipes and stops the water from flowing out. The water has to go somewhere so it will back-up in the drain pan wich will result in serious water damage to your home.

Yes! a clogged air conditioners can cause some serious damages to your house mainly from water leaks. Air conditioner water leaks is the most commun reason for central-air service calls.

“ClogNever(™)‘ system was designed in a way that makes it easy for anyone to install it. You don’t need to call for a professional to install it for you and charge you for that.

You can buy Clognever solution or any other part of the Clognever family from our Store Front

“ClogNever(™)” device can be installed on any type of air conditioner unit. It comes with different accessories to give the homeowner the ability to attach it to the drain pipe in many different applications.

About us

CLOGNEVER(™) is an ingenious device was solely invented to prevent clogging and flooding in the Air Conditioning units. Our manufacturing process includes a fully integrated turn-key operation and assembled entirely in USA. Our emphasis is to improve fundamental functional principles in the Air Conditioning systems while inhibiting clogging. This notion is indeed a common wish for all of us. It is also the ideal virtue inspired by CLOGNEVER(™). This affordable eco-friendly device with its advance design combined with state-of-the-art electronics is tailored to eliminate flooding and help insure better performance to ALL A/C units.

CLOGNEVER(™) is synthesized by the combination of three words to mean “To inhibit clogging” to your Air conditioning unit. Our turn-key OEM Company includes a fully integrated turn-key operation from conceptual design to prototype, all under one roof. Our Engineers work vigorously under the most advanced state-of-the-art conditions to create the most superior products of lasting value. This philosophy enables CLOGNEVER(™) LLC to be considered as a leader in the innovation of “clog prevention” of the Air Conditioning industry worldwide. Dr. Bassem A. Alhalabi, is a reputable PhD. In Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and a Professor at FAU (Florida Atlantic University), Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Alhalabi is one of the two inventors and founders of “CLOGNEVER(™)” and is responsible for spearheading the balance between practicality and design.

With a fast pace world of electronic innovations, CLOGNEVER(™) LLC has quickly joined the rank of inventions and in finding solutions to the clogging problems in Air conditioning systems, causing floods and expensive repairs. CLOGNEVER(™) is a simple electronic device that eliminates clogging permanently and gives the home owner peace of mind for the lifetime of the user’s Air Conditioning unit. With a fundamental hygienic design combined with state-of-the-art electronics, CLOGNEVER(™) LLC tailors its products to help insure better functionality and affordability. At CLOGNEVER(™) LLC, we believe in developing products that offer solutions combined with state-of-the-art electronics features and design. We tailor our products to Business to Business markets that specialize in Air Conditioning products and services.

Based on these advantages, CLOGNEVER(™) LLC is now able to expand into the sphere of global competition. Our emphasis is to expand upon the need by improving fundamental features in Air Conditioning principles. CLOGNEVER(™) LLC tailors its products to help insure better efficiency and functionality. We are proud to present this Marketing plan to expand on our vision and our quest to succeed.


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